Our Mission-
SurplusMotors.com is dedicated exclusively to the posting of electric motors for sale including, new surplus motors, rebuilt used motors, and motors removed from service. We believe a comprehensive database of manufacturer's surplus motors, industry's surplus motors, along with distributor's surplus motors can be advantageous to all. Anyone connected to the web can freely access SurplusMotors.com to search for their required motor. This eliminates the hassles of searching through numerous sources and increases the chances of a successful transaction.

Our History-
SurplusMotors.com evolved out of 90-years of experience and knowledge in the motor repair business. Unable to find off-the-shelf software to handle the demanding needs of their successful business, Stultz Electric Motor Systems teamed with Spring Point Solutions to design a cutting-edge motor repair management system. Unlike other products, which seemingly devolve from software developers to the shop floor, the internally designed system evolved upwards, designed in large part by the users. The result proved so successful that Motorbase™ is now available to all motor repair facilities, large and small. SurplusMotors.com is a direct offshoot of Motorbase™, employing the same database engine. As SurplusMotors.com grew in popularity, we teamed with Motate.com for a thorough site redesign which included our Flash-based navigation system and subscriber control panel, each designed to enhance usability and site performance for our growing list of subscribers.

Comprehensive Database-
The comprehensive SurplusMotors.com database lists each motor with a wide array of specifications which help the buyer quickly find the exact motor to fit their needs. Each motor is posted with its condition, per the EASA standard, and the owner or seller's name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address and, if applicable, a link to their website. SurplusMotors.com merely facilitates the intial contact between buyer and seller. Once contact is established, SurplusMotors.com is not a factor in the transaction process.

Any seller or distributor can subscribe to the SurplusMotors.com service and list their own surplus motors, as well as those belonging to their local customers. All inquiries for these motors will be directed to the listing seller. It is the responsibility of the seller to add their motors into the database and to update the database when the motor has been sold. All information entered by the seller is secured via password protection and is modifiable only by the seller. You can obtain a subscription by filling out the subscription application. Once your application is received and processed by SurplusMotors.com, you will receive your company code and password for accessing the database.

Marketing Kits-
SurplusMotors.com is an excellent marketing tool for promoting additional business with your old or new customers. A marketing kit has been developed by SurplusMotors.com to promote this concept with your customers. It is available upon request. Simply e-mail us, or speak with Troy at our toll-free number: 888-382-7835.

Additional selling methods-
Users with motors for sale can post their motors in one of three ways:

- Subscribe to SurplusMotors.com and gain direct access to the motor database. This necessitates acceptance of all responsibilities associated with direct sales for their motors, posting all data into the database, as well as dealing with all inquires for those posted motors.
- SurplusMotors.com will refer you to a selling agent in your area. The selling agent would then be responsible for posting and selling your surplus motors. Commissions for their services would be negotiated between you and the selling agent.

Please note-
It is not the responsibility, nor the desire, of SurplusMotors.com to buy, sell, or become the agent for any of the products posted on our site unless expressly contracted to do so. Warranties and guarantees, implied or expressed are between the buyer and seller of the products. In some cases, new motors may still be covered under the manufacturer's original warranty, however, it is the responsibility of the purchasing party to establish this at the time of purchase.