How to post motors for sale enables you to sell your electric motor to a large pool of potential buyers. This is a free service, but in order to post a motor for sale, you must first become a registered subscriber.

After posting a motor with, all inquiries for that motor will be directed to your company and the buyer will deal directly with you. It is your responsibility to establish pricing, freight, delivery, and any warranty issues with the buyer. is only the facilitator, bringing the buyer together with the seller.

The first step to selling a motor should always be a quick perusal of the "Wanted" motors. Someone may have already posted a request for your type of motor. If not, you'll need to post your motor in our database.

To subscribe to our free service. Fill out our subscription application and you will be assigned a company ID and password via e-mail. After successfully subscribing, click on the "For Sale" button above to log in to the subscriber area. Once in the Subscriber area you can perform a variety of tasks:

Posting motors for sale:

Assign your motor a unique alphanumeric Motor ID of your choosing. This ID should be unique to each motor you're posting for sale. Enter all information pertinent to the motor. Once posted, the information will be immediately accessible to potential buyers. It is important to note that motors posted here are viewable by all visitors to, not just subscribers.

Updating information on a motor:

When a motor is sold, it is the responsibility of the seller to locate the motor in the database and designate it as "sold." This will remove the motor from the active database. To do this, go to the edit box at the bottom of the posting screen and follow the prompts. The details of your motor will still be accessible by users who search for previously sold motors. This information is useful to other sellers as it provides up-to-date pricing guidelines.

Editing Company Information:

You may review and edit your company's subscription information at any time. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page when editing any of this data.


How to post motors you want

If you can't find a specific motor to fit your needs, all is not lost. You can post the specifications for the motor you require in the "Wanted" section of the database. You don't have to register with to post motors here.

Simply click the "Wanted" button above and select the specifications.

Once entered, a copy of this data will be e-mailed to all subscribers of ensuring that your needs will be quickly known amongst our large pool of subscribers.

Each posting for wanted motors will be automatically removed from the database after 10-business days. However, you are free to resubmit your requirements for wanted motors any time after the initial posting period.