The subscription rate to list motors on is $100 per year. With this subscription you will receive a subscription that will allow you to list 100 motors at any one time on our website. You can pay us directly by clicking Subscriptions. If you have your motor listings in a spreadsheet, we would be happy to import those in for you for $25. We will be issuing login and passwords on your paid subscription.

We have been receiving thousands of hits on our website per month, for example in December we received 10592 hits, 3456 page views and 8492 files accessed. This is without any form of advertising. This year we will be focused on making more people/businesses/advertisers aware of our presence. We will start by targeting EASA shops and expand from there. We intend on advertising in different trade publications as well as make our presence better known on the web. We are constantly getting calls from individuals and businesses inquiring on how to purchase our surplus motors. Of course, we do not carry those motors, you do; so we re-direct them to our site and have them click on the motor id.

We would also like you to be aware of our motor shop job tracking/costing software MotorBase. MotorBase was designed by motor shop professionals and built with Microsoft SQL technology as its backbone. It is a very user friendly program that includes full accounting, banking and payroll capabilities. With a paid subscription to you will receive a $500 voucher toward your purchase of a Network License of MotorBase. This will be valid for all of 2010. Please email or call Troy to set up an online demo, or you may download a demo from our website at Spring Point Solutions


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