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 Tiscor      USA  800-227-6379
 ABB Service Inc.  Birmingham  AL  USA  205-251-7100
 Coil Manufacturing, Inc.  Birmingham  AL  USA  205-838-5985
 Precision Electric Coil  Birmingham  AL  USA  800-844-1395
 South-Land Carbon Products, In  Birmingham  AL  USA  800-476-7524
 Shelby Electric Machinery  Columbiana  AL  USA  205-664-1129
 Crocker-Wheeler/Elliott  Jasper  AL  USA  205-384-6071
 Elliott Co.  Jasper  AL  USA  205-384-6071
 Jasper Electric Motors, Inc.  Jasper  AL  USA  205-384-6071
 WW Components, Inc.  Jasper  AL  USA  205-221-3093
 Your Contact People, Inc.  Madison  AL  USA  800-884-9512
 Alabama Software, Inc.  Montgomery  AL  USA  334-271-1028
 Geo. Olcott Co.  Scottsboro  AL  USA  205-259-4937
 Rotating Specialists  Warrior  AL  USA  205-647-5700
 The Louis Allis Large Motor Co  Warrior  AL  USA  205-647-5700
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